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Medical Abortion Turkey

Miscarriage With Medication

Abortion with medication is not a healthy method. Some women want to terminate their pregnancy with Medication. Medical abortion or drug abortion is not approved in our country. It is the use of vacuum abortion method that is safe and healthy. Drugs with the active ingredient Cytotec misoprostol cause abortion. These drugs are not sold in the pharmacy. It is given only under the supervision of a doctor. If the gestational week has grown and there is an anomaly in the baby, it can be miscarried with medication.

All precautions regarding Corona virus have been taken in our center. We pay great attention to mask, distance and hygiene rules. Our patients who do not vaccinate 2 doses have to come with the PCR test. ⛔⛔

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We are discharged on the same day.

Moreover, the results of revirginization surgery may vary from one person to another depending on their age and technique used. Also, it is normal for patients to expect some minor side effects and complications after hymenoplasty. However, with proper aftercare tips these are easily manageable. Speak with us to know more about hymen repair surgery and its cost.

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