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Esenyurt Abortion Clinic

Esenyurt Abortion Clinic

You can contact us for abortion doctor in Esenyurt and abortion prices in Esenyurt.
Where to find abortion pill in Türkiye and Istanbul? You are at the right address for Esenyurt Abortion Hospital.

abortion drugs, istanbul Where to find abortion drugs? Where is medicine for abortion sold?
Are there any miscarriage pills, miscarriage pills, miscarriage injections?
Attention please Be careful ; Anonymous doctors and fake clinics you can find on the Internet pose a risk to your health. +90 532 054 46 23 Whatsapp line to get information about all examinations and procedures by contacting the certified gynecologist Dr.NUH who speaks English. You can always consult us for inspection and procedures. We are a legal and safe abortion clinic for foreigners in Istanbul and a gynecological center licensed by the Ministry of Health.
The abortion pill or abortion pill – drug prevents the effect of progesterone, which ensures the placement and continuation of pregnancy in the uterus, causing miscarriage.

How is abortion drug used?

Three doses are given orally to the pregnant woman under the 7th gestational week. If necessary, another drug that provides uterine contractions is added. The abortion does not happen immediately and it usually takes 10-15 days. Frequent gynecological examinations and doctor checks are required during this period.


+90 532 054 46 23

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