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Is Abortion Legal in Turkey

Is Abortion Legal in Turkey ?

I want to have an abortion in Turkey, if you are looking for an Istanbul abortion doctor or hospitals that perform abortion in Turkey, you are at the right place. Dr Noah Brain clinic is located in the city center of Istanbul. Transportation is very easy. Abortion should be performed by expert gynecologists. Abortion takes 10 minutes and is a painless process. It is done with anesthesia.
• Individuals over the age of 18 can have an abortion with their own consent.
• If a person is married, his or her spouse’s consent and signature are also required for abortion.
• Parental approval is required for those under 18 years of age.
• In emergency situations and cases with bleeding, if there is life-threatening bleeding, the patient’s own consent is sufficient. Escort approval is not required.
• In pregnancies exceeding 10 weeks, in cases where the embryo is dead or disabled, abortion is performed with the approval of the medical board.
Our center operates with the assurance of the Ministry of Health. Patient information is kept confidential. Patients can safely come to our clinic and have a pregnancy termination. You can contact us for all your questions. Our consultants will be on the phone to give you information.


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